Friday, June 29, 2012

vintage clip-on earrings.

rainbow clip on earrings

Recently, I picked up a lot of vintage clip-on earrings for the shop. It was a load of fun going through each pair because they're so brightly colored, detailed & unique! Some are signed, others are made of metal, plastic, shell, wood and they sparkle, glow & shine! They'll be stocked in the shop soon.

Since my last research on vintage paper dresses brought up some interesting tidbits, I thought why not read up a bit on earrings? As it turns out, I had no idea the history of earrings would be this fascinating! Did you know Shakespeare wore an earring? When was the earring first invented? Did you know only well-travelled sailors wore earrings? You can read more here & here!

runway statement earrings
via huffington post

I have to admit, I'm guilty of overlooking earrings as a statement accessory but the recent runway looks above prove that they're quite the style statement. Whether you favor gutsy door-knocker styles, or more delicate button earrings, clip-ons are for EVERYONE! 
Yes, everyone!

A quick tip: If your clip-on earrings are too loose or too tight so they pinch your lobes, here's a great instructional video that shows how you can loosen or tighten clip-on earrings! It's a lifesaver.

So, would you wear clip-on earrings? 

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  1. Look at all the fun colors! You'll have fun adding these to your shop!
    I just had a friend comment that she'd had a lot of requests for clip-on earrings and she didn't realize so many people wore them! I bet they'll sell well!

    1. hello! yes i can't wait to get them listed, and its great to know people love 'em. :) thanks for sharing



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